Winter Suprises – Support Our Mission!

Welcome To Paradise!

Winter Raffle

We have an amazing opportunity for you to support our mission and journey to Mauritius; to secure the future of Tesla’s new technology, as well as healing the waterways and environment across the whole region.  The scope of the project is limitless, and will be supported by the other Islands in the region.

A small group of us have collected some of the fruits of our spiritual work, and offer them as prizes.  These range from signed copies of self help book, life coaching sessions, pendants and pyramids, as well as channeled original artwork.  These prizes have been carefully created in love and positive energy, and reflect the true character of the Tesla mission today.

Thanks to the generosity of our friends in Ibiza we have on offer 2 back stage passes to meet DJ Sonic Species in 2019, some printed and signed T-Shirts as well as a few CD/USB compilations of his tracks!  Very special prizes for fans!!

We also offer one lucky winner the wonderful opportunity of joining the whole team in Mauritius during the final commissioning of the pilot project. You will be able to stay with the team, meet Tomislav Tesla, as well as observe the whole Tesla project unfold.

We have not ranked the prizes in any order, and these will be decided when the prize draw is held on 23rd December 2018.  The draw will be streamed live through the various networks we share, and gifts allocated by the young man that reveals the winning tickets.

Tickets/Entries are as priced follows

1 entry = £5

3 entries = £10

6 entries = £15

Number of Entries/Attempts

For further details See our private page