Updates On Our Progress

We have completed the formation of “Udruga/Association True Tesla Technologies” to comply with local regulations in Croatia.  We are now enabling day to day management at a local level, meeting legal obligations.  The society has an executive committee made up by the founders, and other elected members.  A development and investment panel will be created, and each micro-business established will share its plans with the society.  Using technology, members of the society will have a vote/say on the direction and plans.  It is crucial that each member has an input, which the executive committee shall consider before making a final decision.

The name of the society is True Tesla Technologies

Membership is free and open to all.

Planned Activity 2017-2018 (revised April 2018)

August 2017 – Initial brand positioning and activity.  SEO keywords  Ongoing

September 2017 – Crowd Funding Campaign – We will be announcing the launch of a crowd funding campaign in conjunction with a new platform being launched by a group who share the same values as Tesla (Launch -16th May 2108)

November 2017 – Complete purchase of site, Site clearing and preparation, Additional planning applications, full site survey.  Architects visions and blueprints, volunteers event (sorting 1 million bricks on site), installation of fencing and negotiation for additional land. – We have not completed the purchase, but we have a gentleman’s agreement that assures the sale to us. We hope to achieve this by the end of 2018, which will then activate the following plans.

December 2017 – Interior renovations of restaurant area, on-site house interior renovation, outer frame for Tesla Innovation Centre, Protection of chimney, securing adjacent 4,0 hectares. Pyramid designs and plans for Oasis

April 2018 – (Depending on weather) Terrace and car parking for restaurant and toilets, construction of hostel and completion of installations for camping and glam-ping site

October 2018 – Completion of Tesla Innovation Centre

Developments With True Tesla Technologies

We have been busy presenting the new cascading hydro power plant technology to interested parties.  We have approached several Russian national and regional governments, and have ongoing dialogue.  We have also approached the Federal Ministry of Energy with a presentation of our vision for the River Yenisei.  In addition we have prepared proposals for several local potential projects.  They include the construction and installation of a pre-production prototype, that will provide energy to the local grid.

As the project gains momentum, we are grateful for all those that assist us on an incredible journey.  Again we are blessed with meeting key people who are willing to invest energy and time to support our mission.  As the team effort begins to flow and grow, we have also connected with some very cool guys from the Crypto currency sector.  They have a great deal in common with our philosophies, and we expect to announce some very cool news in May.