True Tesla Technologies Cooperation with Tesla Coin

A Step Forward To Creating A Sustainable Future

Cardiff based, True Tesla Technologies (TTT) and decentralized digital currency Tesla Coin (TES) entered into a Memorandum Of Understanding today.  The MOU sets out a long-term cooperation plan and a mechanism to share ideas and know how.  In addition, there are joint strategies that will assist innovators of revolutionary energy technologies on their path to commercialization.

True Tesla Technologies currently manages the intellectual property rights (IPR) of Tomislav Tesla, through several licensing agreements.  The IPR includes Cascading Hydro Power Plant, Railway Coupling, Dam/Reservoir Silt Extraction and other local patents.

TTT is a privately owned company, with its main activities in Osijek, Croatia.  Part of the business plan is to create the Tesla Sustainable Village and Innovation Centre, which will effectively become a showcase for their vision.  Plans to convert a disused former chimney works are on the drawing board and is expected to complete the acquisition during 2018.

Tomislav Tesla the great-great nephew of Nikola Tesla and co-founder of True Tesla Technologies welcomed the agreement and looks forward to it being a beacon of light for like-minded people, stating, ”The current sad financial situation in the world opts to fund carefully selected individuals to receive conditional financial support!”

“This is great news for innovators who will now be able to successfully implement their inventions for the benefit of humanity by using the Teslastarter platform”. Tesla also points out an important step innovators shall take to realize their creative ideas, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.

Whilst the potential for the technology is global, the company intends to create its heart in Croatia.

“Our plans for Croatia, particularly Slavonija, include the construction of our Cascading Hydro Power Plant”, Deane Thomas, co-founder of True Tesla Technologies said, “We are currently exploring several local sites for this installation, which we hope can be up and running before the end of summer”. Deane praised the efforts of Tesla Coin and went on to say “our agreement is a step forward and allows us to establish ourselves in the international arena and raise awareness of the work we are doing in Croatia”

When cultural advance has thus been arrested, it can be renewed only by tapping some new source of energy and by harnessing it in sufficient magnitude to asunder the social system which binds it. That is why Teslacoin is needed.

Tesla Coin (TES) was birthed in January 2014 by a group of developers with a lot in common with Nikola Tesla.  TES was created to ensure that genuine innovators have the opportunity to access a dedicated crowdfunding platform, Teslastarter  Crowdfunding on the TES platform will be relatively straightforward, and much like others in the marketplace.

TES distinct commercial advantage is that investors make their crowdfunding investment using TES Digital Currency purchased via an exchange.  As innovators list their ideas and plans, holders of TES have a privileged view of witnessing their investment working.  Innovators who successfully manage to develop their ideas have the opportunity to fully commercialize their technology during phase II and III of the Teslastarter platform.

Matt Reynolds, Development Executive at Tesla Coin stated: “We recognise that inventors struggle to raise funding or even get their ideas off the bench, that is why we came up with the Teslastarter concept back in 2014”.  “We are very pleased to be moving forward with the guys from True Tesla Technologies, and fulfilling our own roadmap! Today’s agreement demonstrates that we can network together and take a step forward towards a sustainable future”.

Teslastarter aims to facilitate the process of invention and innovation in the energy sector, benefitting both people and the planet. Current fossil fuel energy creation methods are outdated.   TES works to support the production of limitless clean energy.

Tesla Coin is in a unique position and will continue to develop its platform and philosophy in-line with the Teslacoin WhitePaper  published in March 2018.

Issued By: True Tesla Technologies Limited

Contact: Deane Thomas

Mobile/Viber/Whatsapp/Telegram +385 99 562 81 44

Tesla Coin

Contact: Matt Reynolds

Mobile +44 793 816 43 51


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