True Tesla Shines In Moscow!

Osijek, Croatia 2 August 2018


Tesla Technology Shine’s In Moscow!

True Tesla Technologies presented their range of revolutionary technologies to an avid Moscow audience.  Together with Moscow Chamber of Commerce, Blockchain Development Technology Group and Guild of Digital Economy and Blockchain Technologies, Tesla’s New World of Technologies was created.  A vibrant atmosphere where leading experts discussed the current state of Blockchain in Russia, and its future.  Three panel’s openly discussed many other issues faced. Including the energy sector and how sustainable economic growth can be achieved through Blockchain technologies today.

One hot topic was technological development in the current climate, with the obvious questions being asked.  Russia has much talent, expertise and a desire to excel, but lacks one element; capital investment. Through open communication, this hurdle may well soon be over, thanks to the Blockchain.  Digital currencies are all based on Blockchain, and therefore a potential logical solution, once the appropriate legal framework is established.

It seems clear that the Russian Government is taking this challenge seriously, and is in the process of determining the correct legislation and framework.  Regulation, whilst cumbersome in some cases, can be created that is balanced and in harmony with all parties interests.  It is possible to witness the vast expansion of ICO’s all over the world, many of which have little or no substance to them.  Investors also shall have access to certain protections to avoid becoming victims of fraudulent claims by ICO operators.

Clarity Through Communication

Regulation is welcome, and is most definitely necessary in the current age; but it shall also maintain the spirit of Blockchain.  Transparency and accountability is something that can exist in a regulated environment using Blockchain.  In addition, it is very simple for authorities to participate too.  Draconian legislation is outdated, and shall be less rigid and far more transparent.  Blockchain is the perfect solution.

Other concerns about the development of the sector is energy consumption; computer power requires lots of energy.  Sustainable methods of energy generation have been around for many decades, and now we are beginning to see costs lower and efficiencies improve. True Tesla Technologies presented their revolutionary Cascading Hydro Power Plant, alongside other sustainable alternatives.  Integrating new technologies with Blockchain allows remote sites to be monitored easily.  Enabling partnerships and rapid technological development to proceed almost immediately.

The digital currency ‘Teslacoin’ supported the event, representing the new age of business transactions, which is transparency assured and stored on the electronic ledger that is Blockchain tech . Today, settlements can be made instantly, through smart contracts, which rely on technology to handle them automatically.  Everything can be traced back to its origin, so the Blockchain is an ideal platform for other industry sectors.  Sustainable agriculture, fisheries, forestry can all be linked, and will be forever in the public domain.

New Form Of Barter!

Transfer of knowledge is of paramount importance when new ways of doing business come about.  Throughout the event the common theme, educating all generations in the use of the Blockchain, something that has not been done before.  Breaking down explanations to their simplest form, so that all can benefit and understand how this new technology actually works.  One can easily compare Digital Currencies as a modern day barter system.  Some will have commercial values, others will have humanitarian aspects to them.

End users will be free to choose which currencies to buy and hold, or to do business with – if end users are aware a particular coin has a positive effect, why wouldn’t they use it.  Coins can be set up so that through a transaction, there are other benefits to the real world.  These include planting trees, growing hemp, educating others and many more.  These are the coins of the future, as they represent a truly sustainable way of living and doing business.

The Future Is Here Today

Nikola Tesla claimed he owned the future! It seems fitting that 130 years after his first appearance in USA, his great-great nephew Tomislav had similar encounters in Russia.  The world has seen what happened in 1888; the way Tesla was exploited and left penniless.  Unfortunately, this practice is still present today, in the form of charlatans and opportunists.  Blockchain technology will allow the eradication of such practices, and bring transparency to the fore.

An inevitable (r) evolution is happening at the moment, at many levels – one that will allow new ways of living, community and lifestyle.  Governments will be able to focus on their remit, whilst the population will be able to freely choose the way they live.  Whilst there is a lot of distraction and discontent, this is no different to the dot com boom.  Over the coming months and years Blockchain will be the new buzz word, ensuring the population have an opportunity to “break-free” of the systems that bind them.

The Direction Forward

Change begins with brave decisions, the event generated a host of exciting energy that has led to many inquiries for cooperation.  The many groups that attended all face the same issue, yet have created a network of communication.  Over the coming days and weeks, we will create a unique means of solving common issues.  True Tesla Technologies is currently seeking to find suitable premises where they can create a hive of ingenuity.  Working in cooperation and partnership to achieve a common interest solution.  Through the sharing of ideas and wisdom it is possible to create a whole new level of social transformation, that benefits all parties.

It is also planned to take the conference across Russia, and the rest of the world, beginning in St Petersburg in September.


The event was supported by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and organized by BDTG and True Tesla Technologies. A fraudulent event had been advertised and promoted in Russia called Sustainatopia, headed by John Rosser. True Tesla Technologies and Teslacoin were sponsors of the Sustainatopia event.  It was promoted as a post-world cup event from 17-21st July, at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and other prestigious venues across Moscow.

Approximately 8 days before the scheduled event, it became apparent John Rosser had not organized any event, and was simply relying on networks of contacts to generate revenue.  On investigation, TTT withdrew its support of Sustainatopia due to the misleading and fraudulent actions of the organizer John Rosser.  He then proceeded (and continues) to push a rescheduled event in late September/early October, at venues in Moscow.

There are no venues that recognize or have agreements with Sustainatopia or John Rosser: alleged partners and supporters have no knowledge or have also been misled.  In addition, Rosser continues to promote the Sustainatopia event in Moscow as well as additional event.  Officials of Moscow Chamber of Commerce are aware of this behavior and will take appropriate action.

Nikola Tesla was the victim of many acts of deception by (American) businessman: Today, Tomislav Tesla has experienced the same thing. Fortunately, due to the genuine kindness and support of the organizers of today’s event, was able to present the new technology to a Moscow audience. True Tesla Technologies is in the process of establishing a separate business structure in Russia, so that it may begin its work in the country

It is prudent for Tesla to advise as many as possible about the actions and activities of this nature. Details of correspondence with John Rosser and others affiliated with the Sustainatopia event are available and will be provided on request.



Issued by: True Tesla Technologies

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