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Tesla’s Real Work In Action

As an entrepreneur I rely on certain skills to guide me, but it takes life experience to truly understand what our purpose truly is. When we add a spiritual aspect to our lives, it naturally impacts all of our life, and it does not stop, until it reaches the core. It is the “no going back” situation, that we all recognise at some point or another.

I have had the pleasure of being part of a true life human story, that has touched the lives of many; it has brought people to separation, self-destruct, fear and so much more. It has ended careers, opened eyes, raised question marks and so many doubters taunting from the side lines. When the truth is deeply embedded in us, it is the biggest challenge of all to hold that internally.

Being connected to a real life descendant of the great inventor Nikola Tesla certainly brought my whole life to a transformational moment. One that will continue to flow around the world for sure over the coming years. Having to overcome ego, patterns, templates, brainwashing and applying our own truth is so crucial in today’s society, because that is what will survive in the future.

What I have recognised throughout the past 4 years of my life, is just how important we are, how crucial it is for us, to appreciate who we are, and exactly what powers we have. It is no coincidence that much of Nikola Tesla’s work has been hidden or remains unknown, but he left a few promises and predictions along the way. For me I have to treat this as an adventure, one that has no beginning or end, and one that will last an eternity.

As this journey begins to enter 2019, I asked for help in an unusual way! Combining resources to achieve a common goal, with fellow light workers, who also are busy transforming the world. Our skills match like peas in a pod, so it is natural, we will find a way to achieve common success.

I invite you to support the ongoing work of True Tesla Technologies via its Winter Prize Draw. All the prizes have been created by the organisers of the draw and have been donated to help towards the events of 2019. I would be so grateful for any offers of support, participation or even sharing the story. 2019 is a year of change and transformation across the world, you can be part of it too!

Due to some incredible new prizes being given to us the past few days, we have extended the prize draw date to 23 December 2019. Please buy your entries here http://teslasustainablevillage.com/mauritius-winter-raffle/