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Tesla Steem Team – New Team Dress

Tesla Steem Team – Your Opinion Is Important!

cycling team tesla sustainable villageHere we present the final designs of the official Tesla Steem Team cycling dress. We would like your help so we can finalise the designs. Which colour scheme do you like best?  Perhaps you have a business that would be interested in appearing on the team dress.

As the Tesla Steem Team comes together, we are looking for someone to sponsor them.  Sponsorship is an important aspect of the teams’ ability to participate in more events around the Balkans and Europe. It is the generous support of others that enables the team to cover its’ expenses for each event.

Each of the cyclists will participate in the health strategy which will measure and monitor their performance.  Under the supervision of Prof Dr Boris Subotic, and assisted by coach Damir Katusic, the Tesla Steem Team will follow specific programs to improve abilities.  Team statistics will be published publicly via this website, and via other social media platforms such as

Throughout the season we will be demonstrating the performance benefits achieved, as well as the regime followed.  Collected data will form the benchmark of our strategy, as well as an incredible tool for other sports teams to follow.  As part of the Tesla Sustainable Village project, we will create a specialist centre that will offer a substantial improvement to health and performance.

This is just the beginning of a long journey for Tesla Steem Team, and we kindly ask for your support. If you have any suggestions please let us know, so that we can implement them into our plans.  Your contribution is very important to us, as this is the basis of a community.  Through the sharing of information and know how we will empower others to create change in their lives for the better.

Please Choose You Favourite Outfit!

Thank you for your support, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite option from below!

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