Tesla Dream Team Update!

Progress On All Fronts!

Much work has been done over the past few months!  Tomislav has filed further patents for Hydro Energy Technology that will set new standards.  We are currently investigating several locations where we can create live demonstrations of the technology.  We hope to have a working prototype  installed before Autumn 2018 in Croatia.

Today the team were invited by the City of Osijek to join the Mayor and a group of their advisers.  We were pleased to meet Davor Pavuna, who has an incredible insight to Nikola Tesla, he was delighted to connect with Tomislav.  We openly discussed our ideas, synergies, as well as many other interesting topics around energy.  This is a living story, that we shall allow to progress its natural path, much like the whole project!

Discussions have also been held regarding the railway safety patents, with a leading supplier of like technology.  The group has its own engineering and manufacturing facilities, as well as a long list of international clients.  We will be having further discussion in early January with a view to cooperating together.

We have advanced many of the ingredients of our vision, and are busy connecting with interesting projects in the Balkans.  January we will have further meetings  to pursue our own digital currency which is really exciting!  There really is so much happening and we look forward to sharing more news soon.

Thank you for joining and following our journey, we send you and your families the best wishes of the season, and all the very best for 2018!