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Tesla Dream Team Creating The Foundations Of Success!

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Through out each of our life journies, we connect with others for a reason! The whole creation of Tesla Sustainable Village is one that is full of amazing “coincidences”   which has a special essence associated with it.  Whilst the founders are all from different backgrounds and cultures, their philosophies and values overlap to form the foundations.  It is this, which makes them the Tesla Dream Team who, alongside others, will grow a prosperous community for all to share.

The founding members (Tesla Dream Team) understand the importance of Mother Nature and Gaia, not only today but for the future generations too!  We understand the effects globalisation and humanity play on the very life support systems of nature.  Unless we, as a collective of responsible decision makers, change the way in which we live, we will destroy the planet as we know it.

The legacy which we leave is more important than anything else in this lifetime. It is this which the founders have placed at the core of the project, in doing so, they pass this knowledge to their own children and future generations.

There are so many like minded individuals around the world, from all walks of life, that also have similar dreams and visions for the future of the planet. Through our own research and contacts, we have discovered the most suitable theme to promote and represent the values of Tesla Dream Team.

We are pleased to present Von Seefield and Mothers War as our chosen anthem, supporting video directed by Charley Stadler.  If you wish to purchase a copy of the track you can do so at iTunes

A song about mankind being at HOT WAR with MOTHER EARTH.

Dancer & choreographer Julia Maria Koch, DOP Torsten Lippstock, Iceland images from the movie SOLARLIOD. Ralf Drechsler, Berlin (VFX cracks on the face ), Clean ups on Face, Anita Ward, Mandy VFX Auckland, grading face David Mclaren, Auckland, Art Work Raphael Messerer, Munich, Produced by Adrian Bushby London, directed by Torsten Lippstock and Charley Stadler. Filmed on Locations in Iceland and studio in Kiev.