Our Vision Explained

True Tesla Technologies

Tesla Sustainable Village and Innovation Centre, Osijek, Croatia

Geographical Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Zc3VrcmprLA2

Initial Site Layout Plan

Site plan and key: 

Intellectual Property

Hyrdro Electric Power Plant WIPO Patent


Short Video

Tesla Cascading Hydro Power Plant 2018 from Deane Thomas on Vimeo.

Railway Coupling WIPO Patent Filing Number

PCT/RS2017/000004 Filed 18th April 2017

Dam Reservoir Sediment Vacuum System


Corporate Structure

Company Responsible For Administration of Intellectual Property And Assets

True Tesla Technologies Limited, Cardiff, UK

Registered Number 08882202



The company is privately held by the co-creators and co-founders.

Company Director/Secretary

Malcolm Cross

Executive Chairman and Board of Director’s

T B A – Positions Open

Structure For Day-To-Day Operations

A Croatian Society has been incorporated to comply with local regulations enabling day to day management at a local level, meeting legal obligations.  The society will have an executive committee made of of the founders, and other elected members.  A development and investment panel will be created, and each micro-business established will share its plans with the society.  Using technology, members of the society will have a vote/say on the direction and plans.  It is crucial that each member has an input, which the executive committee shall consider before making a final decision.

The name of the society is True Tesla Technologies

Membership is available to all contributors, investors and residents.

Planned Activity 2017-2018 (revised April 2018)

August 2017 – Initial brand positioning and activity.  SEO keywords  Ongoing

September 2017 – Crowd Funding Campaign – We will be announcing the launch of a crowd funding campaign in conjunction with a new platform being launched by a Crypto Coin (launch to be announced May 2108)

November 2017 – Complete purchase of site, Site clearing and preparation, Additional planning applications, full site survey.  Architects visions and blueprints, volunteers event (sorting 1 million bricks on site), installation of fencing and negotiation for additional land. – We have not completed the purchase, but we have a gentleman’s agreement that assures the sale. We hope to achieve this by the end of 2018, which will then activate the following plans.

December 2017 – Interior renovations of restaurant area, on-site house interior renovation, outer frame for Tesla Innovation Centre, Protection of chimney, securing adjacent 4,0 hectares. Pyramid designs and plans for Oasis

April 2018 – (Depending on weather) Terrace and car parking for restaurant and toilets, construction of hostel and completion of installations for camping and glam-ping site

October 2018 – Completion of Tesla Innovation Centre

Branding and Micro-Business Opportunities for Residents/Investors

Brand Slogans, Strap lines and domains: 

Real Deal Tesla, Tesla Think Tank, True Tesla Technologies, Tesla Innovation Centre, Tesla Steem Team, The Real Tesla, Tesla Technology Centre

 Tesla Innovation Centre  – Two floors plus a roof top terrace, offering education, product development and an open source centre of learning.  Working under the supervision of Tomislav Tesla, we will attract innovative minds to join us, and work with Tesla himself.  Creating and developing technologies that serve humanity, and can be easily replicated in areas that require them.  Focused on simple solutions that are cost effective and affordable.  Tesla will continue to develop his own ideas and patents for commercialisation, these include Hydro Electricity, Railway Safety, Water Delivery System and Low-cost housing units.

 Technologies developed within the centre will be made available to interested parties as commercial ventures present.  These are large scale projects that require substantial investment, but have a massive impact on communities around the world.  Patents developed or enhanced at the centre will be licensed to the centre, as all IP rights will be accrued per an agreement between Tesla and TD Consulting (UK) Limited.  Commercial activities will be subject to agreement between the parties.

 Tesla Education and Medical Research Centre – Located in the Innovation Centre, we intend to adopt the Waldorf Education program for our residents and surrounding community.  In addition we will adapt and adopt other styles of teaching to meet the needs of our students.  Developing a centre of education is important to the future generations. Education should evolve with the times, not be determined by a higher authority that is based on antiquated methodologies.  We are already in discussions with Waldorf in Croatia.

 In addition we intend to carry out research on alternative medicines and the effects of natural ancient remedies.  We will open the doors to observers and interested parties who wish to share knowledge, research and practical expertise.  In addition we aim to further the research of Prof Dr Boris Subotic, and his sports strategy, through on and off-site interaction with sports professionals.  The first such cooperation is with Tesla Steem Team, a group of 5 professional cyclists, who will be monitored.  All data will be provided to the block chain, and publicly demonstrate the success of the health strategy.  This can then be offered to larger clubs and organisations on a commercial basis.

Tesla IT Lab – Developing blockchain with creative geniuses of the working, to include the creation of a European hub of excellence.  To bring together the talented youth of today and channel their skills into their desires.  Working with a talented team we aim to create complete transparency as well as develop ideas across the world, through various gateways and networks.  We are seeking a suitable blockchain “Guru” to assist in this project.

Tesla Design Studio – Innovative creators will be invited to join our team of creative geniuses to explore the latest in technology design for the New Earth.  Developing future technologies and designs for the future generations.

Tesla Micro Brewery – Traditional brewery of non-pasteurized fine ales and brews, using local produce and bio-organic ingredients.  Following traditional methods of brewing creating a Tesla Beer brand for distribution around the region.  Craft breweries are booming across Europe and capturing the attention of beer connoisseurs.

Tesla Bio-Organic Produce – Bio-organic fruit, arable crops and vegetables from the lands surrounding Tesla Sustainable Village, as well as on-site residents.  We intend to create lifestyle plots that can be easily managed by residents, who choose this is a style of living.  Produce will be offered to the community food distribution network, who will purchase from the producer (in the form of credits/barter).  The produce will be offered back to the community residents, local community as a priority.  Surplus produce will be offered to a European food distribution network who will resell to existing network of retail outlets.

Tesla Camping and Glamping – On-site facilities that will be available for 9 months of the year.  Basic accommodation will be available, with access to the sites additional resources.  Located on the main Dunav Cycle Route, this is an ideal stop for the thousands of cyclists that frequent the region.  There are no current glamping sites in the region.  In addition we will expand the facility to include hobbit style homes, and access to the Pyramid Oasis (to be built 2018).

Tesla Restaurant & Farm Shop– Renovation of the existing facilities is necessary, with a complete refit of kitchen necessary.  With plans already approved for a terrace and car park for 26 cars, we anticipate this will become a local venue for weddings and parties.  We plan to create an amphitheater on-site adjacent to the restaurant and Tesla Innovation Centre, which will host traditional events from the surrounding region.  The restaurant will also offer low cost daily meals for the local residents and surrounding farmers.  Our aim is to source more than 50% of ingredients form our own resources, reducing cost with higher quality end product.

Tesla Hostel & Conference Facilities – Rebuilding of an existing building, creating low cost accommodation and facilities to tourists.  The conference facilities will be available in two areas, one in the hostel, alternative will be in the innovation centre.  It is intended to offer these facilities to a private operator or investor, who is seeking a lifestyle change.  The operator will be responsible for providing all facilities to guests, and will also coordinate all conferences on behalf of the complex. A win-win opportunity for an interested party.

Additional Areas of Development

Tesla City Coin – Crypto currency to be supported and processed by a PTP processor.  We are currently in negotiations with a new Ethical bank in Croatia.  We are seeking to develop a payment card also which carries the Tesla brand, and can be utilized by supporters of our project around the world.  The ability to add crypto-currencies to the card is important as well as the ability to “pay” for goods or services as a normal payment card too.

 The Tesla City Coin will be the choice for residents to trade within the community, and we will educate the surrounding region to adopt this new payment as a replacement for traditional cash.  We can become an ambassador for a bank or facility that wishes to create a pilot project with us.  We have the ability to influence local business and residents to accept new services as the way forward.

 We have strong connections with influencer’s in the region that will be happy to adopt anything that does not sit within the existing mechanisms and systems.  

Funding Requirements 2017-2018

Quoted in Euro’s 

When Required Purpose of Funds Amount Required
September 2017 Deposit Land/Infrastructure 100,000
December 2017 Renovation/Planning/Equipment 250,000
February 2018 Acquisition of additional Land/Equip 250,000
March 2018 Construction costs 225,000
April 2018 Construction and Infrastructure costs 175,000
June 2018 Equipment/Lab/tech/chimney 200,000
August 2018 Final Building costs 300,000
Total Funds Required 1,500,000 e
Possible Grant Sources
Crowd Funding September 2017 c. 200,000
EU Grants September 2018 c. 250,000
HR Grants August 2018 c. 100,000

 Ongoing Revenue Streams

Income to True Tesla Technologies will be derived from its daily operations.  This will include the camp grounds, restaurant, innovation centre, hostel and other activities.  In addition there will be commercial activity royalty payments from technologies developed.  Any profits will be re-invested to the project for the acquisition of more land, which will be utilized by the community to attract more new residents.

The idea is to create a self-sustainable facility, as well as take advantage of any grant funds available from European Union and other funds as necessary.

Objective and Future

 The team are all actively involved in the path ahead, but have limited resources to cover the sheer scale of the project.  We are seeking assistance and skills from others, who, like us, can help us to create a truly remarkable venture.  Our idea is to create a workable “blueprint” or “template” that can be adopted anywhere in the world.  Through the sharing of know-how, wisdom and expertise, we can shape the new sustainable regions of the planet.  In effect we are creating a parallel system, an autonomous society or way of living.  This will be a complete solution over time, to be the basis of future communities and cities.

The team are happy to explore all forms of expertise and guidance, as well as working relationships with partners all over the world.  Through the sharing of knowledge we are empowering many others, to learn, grow and prosper – reducing poverty and stress from people’s lives.  We believe this is a realistic opportunity to forming the foundations of change across the planet, and can be adapted to suit any environment.

We have discussed creating awards in cooperation with Earth Dollar, as well as other synergies; this seems on the surface a perfect match and alliance, which we would like to explore in an open way.

The details in this paper are true and accurate at time of writing – and are confidential. 

We are very open to merging our ideologies, philosophies and skill sets, as this ensures the spirit of the project evolves as is intended.

We look forward to discussing our project in further detail

August 2017/April 2018

Deane Thomas


True Tesla Technologies