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Earth Jubilee Event – 21 September – 11 November 2017

Tesla Think Tank – Helping To Create Change


On the back of our participation at the New Earth New You online summit on 7th August, we are proud to have been invited to participate at the Earth Jubilee.  The event is an initiative of like minded individuals, organizations, and pioneers of alternative technologies and ideologies.

These are important aspects that promote change in the way we live and prosper – our goal to alleviate global poverty.  New systems are being created on a daily basis and ones that will become the benchmark for the future.  Whilst many can not or do not look outside of the current systems, there most definitely is a shift in conscious thinking on its’ way.   It is an inevitability of the growing desire for all of us to live in peace, love, and harmony.

We are glad to join like-minded individuals who are striving to alleviate global poverty, through innovative ideas and thoughts.  We shall release further details in the near future.

For those that wish to watch the replay of Deane Thomas speaking at the New Earth New You Summit, we share the video below.  Deane starts at approx 30 mins into the video.