Earth Dollar – Interim Negotiations Underway

Exciting Negotiations Underway

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the commencement of negotiations with a funding partner Earth Dollar.  Our desire to be funded from an ethical source is paramount to the founders, and any alliance shall be in-line with our own visions.

Earth Dollar will be a revolutionary cryptocurrency, that already has the support of 6 Native American tribes and others soon to join forces.  Their ideologies and visions match ours, as well as represent a tremendous opportunity to replicate the project in Canada and Africa.

We will share know-how, technology ideas and access to patents so that together we can turn the Tesla family dream, into a reality.  We expect to announce full details of our cooperation and partnership over the coming weeks, and look forward to realising the true potential of our joint projects.

Earth Dollar is also launching a major campaign to target poverty, which we are part of.  Commencing 21st September, there will be 50 days of events from around the world, that will come together for a common cause.  Earth Jubilee will cumulate on 11th November, with a series of live events in Croatia, and the USA, as well as the launch of the ICO for Earth Dollar.

Thank you for your continued support!

Tesla Dream Team

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