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Tesla Railway Technology

A Revolution For Railway Infrastructure! As we begin our journey with Tomislav Tesla, we are reminded of simplicity and sustainability.   True Tesla Technologies provide solutions that enhance the quality of life, whilst working in unison with the environment. There is no doubt we will venture into uncharted territory, but that […]

Tesla Dream Team Update!

Progress On All Fronts! Much work has been done over the past few months!  Tomislav has filed further patents for Hydro Energy Technology that will set new standards.  We are currently investigating several locations where we can create live demonstrations of the technology.  We hope to have a working prototype  […]

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Message From Tomislav Tesla

True Tesla Technologies On Friday 25th August, we launched the vision of Tesla Sustainable Village and Tesla Innovation Centre at the Liberty Festival, Osijek. During the event, we shared the vision, the goal and the passion behind the project, as well as a letter from Tomislav Tesla. Here is the […]