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Tesla Sustainable Village and Tesla Innovation Centre

We are pleased to introduce Tomislav Tesla, a direct descendant of the esteemed Nikola Tesla and the launch of Tesla Sustainable Village.

Continuation of the Tesla family legacy is important for the founders of the project, so we intend to offer true Tesla technologies for the benefit of humanity. We have agreed to a structure where Tomislav Tesla’s current innovations and patents form the foundation of the Tesla Innovation Centre.

The Tesla Innovation centre will be headed by Tomislav Tesla and a team of like-minded individuals. Here they will develop technologies that are already patented and ready for commercialisation.  We shall begin to create working prototypes of many environmentally friendly and sustainable innovative products.  

We are committed to prioritise certain innovations due to the current global environment.  Furthermore, we also recognise the necessity to create commercial opportunities that benefit the residents of Tesla Sustainable Village.  Details of our ongoing projects will be announced in the near future.

Innovative products include Hydro Electric Energy, Low-Cost Sustainable Housing, Railway Line Safety.  Efficient Fresh Water Delivery with no energy cost as well as ongoing discoveries currently under development, with patents, already filed.  All development will be carried out in cooperation with recognised accreditation bodies and standards.  As each technology is commercialised a large proportion of the revenues will be directly reinvested into the global community project.

The plans for the whole Tesla Sustainable Village are currently on the drawing board and will be released in late August.  Creating a self-sustainable living environment for families and like-minded pioneers, in nature.  Our project includes low-cost housing, organic plots to produce your own crops, as well as all the amenities to enjoy a wonderful life in the splendor of mother nature.

This certainly is an exciting opportunity for all to become part of the change for humanity.  This project is not supported by big corporate dollars or egos!  This is the power of the people, and now it is the chance for everyone to share in the Tesla

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About Tesla Sustainable Village and Innovation Centre

Tesla Sustainable Village

So let us share some snippets about the real deal Tesla sustainable village which is being created in Eastern Croatia.   When many people’s skills are combined it becomes an energy that is equivalent of a well-established faculty or new town, plus some more. We must be all crazy I hear you say! Well we have to be crazy to come up with genius, don’t we!!

Nestled between two rivers, transport corridors that connect across Europe, as well as surrounded by thousands of hectares of arable land, you will find us. Tesla Sustainable Village, for the moment, will be located on some 2 hectares which were a former brick foundry. The site is classified as commercial land with permission to reinstate the former foundry, as well as convert some of the out buildings to a hostel, restaurant, and administration offices. Our plans go much further than this, mainly because of our passion for wanting to change the way we live.

We will be creating an innovation and science facility in the brick foundry. The Tesla Innovation Centre will comprise of a prototype development centre, teaching laboratories, IT centre and school (not traditional school). In addition, we will create a roof terrace that will be a perfect observation point for star gazers as well as utilise the sun for solar energy. The facility will develop patents and ideas that have already been created over the past 10 years. Our technologies will include hydro electricity, housing solutions, agriculture concepts, solar energy, low-cost construction, railway infrastructure and a few more.

The facility will develop patents and ideas that have already been created over the past 10 years. Our technologies will include hydro electricity, housing solutions, agriculture concepts, solar energy, low-cost construction, railway infrastructure and a few more.

All of the technologies will be developed in cooperation with Tomislav Tesla at the innovation centre, as well as in other similar facilities around the world.

As part of the Tesla Sustainable Village project, we will also be creating lifestyle parcels of land for residents who wish to enjoy a stress-free environment.   The only precursor to this is that all produce grown is delivered to the community. Each settler will contribute to the community so that we truly become completely self-sustainable and off the grid.

The land has its own deep water wells and will generate its’ own energy for use on the site. Part of the expansion plan includes the acquisition of orchards that are already yielding good crops, as well as crop fields so that we can add honey production and other organic produce.

tesla honey fields

Surplus produce will be offered on a premium basis to interested parties, this ensures that the True Tesla Technologies brand for organic produce begins to travel further afield. Being located within 20 km of Hungary and Serbia, we have the potential to export also. The community will create its own cryptocurrency, as well as work with one of Europe’s ethical banks to ensure the commercial aspects of the community can proceed unhindered.

Being located 25 km from a major city means we are not isolated. We are connected with a small International airport locally (OSI), as well as three other major international airports within a 3 hours drive. Rail, river, and road networks are located nearby, we are located on major trans-European corridor. We are also located on several European cycle routes, as well as a destination that attracts thousands of enthusiasts from all over the region.

We are finalising our business plans and funding ideas, which we propose to launch sometime after 26th August 2017. We will be looking to fund raise using crowd funding methods, as this is our preferred model. We are creating a project for active participation of contributors by forming a virtual community who have the ability to vote on all activities. Those that wish to settle on the land will be able to invest in the community and contribute to it, as well as help develop further ideas and solutions for the benefit of all.

Our intention for Tesla Sustainable Village is to become a blueprint for the world, that is driven by a common goal. Sharing ideas and wisdom with others so that they too can benefit in their own countries. We already have interest from others who wish to join forces and share know-how as well as create similar projects in other countries. This is a people’s project at a grass roots level, one that will comply with all the norms of current state rules but will attempt to seek additional concessions, as well as some autonomy from the state.

This is just a snippet, as we wish to preserve the integrity of the project, we can already sense that through our innovations how this will impact the global population. We are not interested in attracting traditional capitalistic ideas or theories, we have all been there and got the t-shirt.

We are interested in attracting like minded individuals and organisations that can join forces to achieve the desires of the founders and their ancestors. All profits will be invested back into the community for further expansion and opening the doors to others who wish to live and work in this way.

So for now, that is the teaser!! If anyone wishes to learn more contact us!

We will be providing regular updates and news to subscribers over the coming weeks, as well as details of upcoming events where you have the chance to meet Tomislav Tesla in person.


Tesla Dream Team Update!

Progress On All Fronts! Much work has been done over the past few months!  Tomislav has filed further patents for Hydro Energy Technology that will set new standards.  We are currently investigating several locations where we can create live demonstrations of the technology.  We hope to have a working prototype  installed before Autumn 2018 in …

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