True Tesla Technologies Croatia

Tesla Innovation Centre

We are pleased to introduce Tomislav Tesla, a direct descendant of the esteemed Nikola Tesla and the launch of Tesla Sustainable Village.

Continuation of the Tesla family legacy is important for the founders of the project, so we intend to offer true Tesla technologies for the benefit of humanity. We have agreed to a structure where Tomislav Tesla’s current innovations and patents form the foundation of the Tesla Innovation Centre.

The Tesla Innovation centre will be headed by Tomislav Tesla and a team of like-minded individuals. Here they will develop technologies that are already patented and ready for commercialisation.  We shall begin to create working prototypes of many environmentally friendly and sustainable innovative products.  

We are committed to prioritise certain innovations due to the current global environment.  Furthermore, we also recognise the necessity to create commercial opportunities that benefit the residents of Tesla Sustainable Village.  Details of our ongoing projects will be announced in the near future.

Innovative products include Hydro Electric Energy, Low-Cost Sustainable Housing, Railway Line Safety.  Efficient Fresh Water Delivery with no energy cost as well as ongoing discoveries currently under development, with patents, already filed.  All development will be carried out in cooperation with recognised accreditation bodies and standards.  As each technology is commercialised a large proportion of the revenues will be directly reinvested into the global community project.

The plans for the whole Tesla Sustainable Village are currently on the drawing board and will be released very soon.  We are creating a self-sustainable living environment for families and like-minded pioneers, in nature.  Our project includes low-cost housing, organic plots to produce your own crops, as well as all the amenities to enjoy a wonderful life in the splendor of mother nature.

This certainly is an exciting opportunity for all to become part of the change for humanity.  This project is not supported by big corporate dollars or egos!  This is the power of the people, and now it is the chance for everyone to share in the Tesla

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